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Connect & Small Groups 


For those who are joining us for the first time and who are not connected to any of our small groups. Informal gathering of 3 to 6 people to connect over a three-month period meeting twice a month. An opportunity to connect and meet others that are part of Kingsmere Community Ministry. Learn more about Kingsmere Community Ministry and those around us. Looking at our faith journey so far, our gifting and what God might be asking us to do in this present season. It is hoped that you will then either join one of our small groups or continue to meet as a new small group going forward.

Contact the Kingsmere Team


Coming back soon: Electric Groups 

individuals who don’t necessarily live on the ‘Kingsmere patch’ but are very much a part of who we are and have regular fellowship with us and complement the ministry by the gifting and contribution to the mission on Kingsmere they make.


Coming soon: Food for Thought 

a place to gather together in friendship as sisters in Gods family, encouraging each other’s walk and our relationship with God and making time to care for each other. Celebrating, supporting, going deeper in faith, laughing and sometimes maybe crying with each other as we follow The King .


Coming back soon: Prayer and Prosecco

is our monthly small group gathering. We share conversation with a glass of whatever you fancy from prosecco to non-alcoholic beverages along with prayer that encompasses our conversations over the evening. We are amazed at the answers to prayer that we have experienced. We meet on a Friday each month but also have a WhatsApp group for prayer support over the month. All are welcome to attend however due to Covid-19, the venue may have to change based on numbers so please let us know if you wish to join us in. 


Pint and Ponder

is an opportunity for us to come together twice a month to spend time to literally ponder over life, discuss some of the big question’s men face and let’s not forget the Pint in a safe and loving environment. We believe it so valuable for us to come together to share, support and help each other through this journey called life. It is a key component of KCM mission “connect to God, connect others to God and Connect with other.”  Please look out for more stuff coming for us men to get together. 

Kev & Joe 


Coming Soon: Family in Focus…

We are a group focused on family. We understand families come in all shapes and sizes and all are welcome to join in. Come to a fun relaxed environment where we learn the way of Jesus to love and lead our families. We meet monthly, parents and children are welcome.


Coming Soon: Saturday Morning Breakfast

We draw all our groups together to meet monthly for our Saturday morning breakfast. We bring and share food, worship and have a thought for the day focusing on this month teaching in groups, along with getting to know each other better!

Contact us for further information


Why not find out more? We would love to do life with you. 

Please contact us if you want to find out more about any of our connect and small groups. We would love for you to join us and feel like part of the family, We are here to come alongside all and do life together. 

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