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Who We Are

Welcome to Kingsmere Community Ministry, we are part of St Edburg's parish and 

part of the Church of England churches in Bicester.

Christians with a BIG heart for family and inter-generational community and worship,

 seeking to  be a welcoming, inclusive and caring family, 

Learning to live in Christs love through worship and service to one another and the wider community. 

Whilst we do hold some church services that are informal in style, much of our 'church' takes place in our own homes or in the community  around food and shared discussions.  Children are very much embraced as part of all that we do. W e travel together to rediscover and reimagine 'the church that Jesus died for and is coming back for'. 

We strive to integrate discipleship, mission and community life.

Mission and Vision Statement

“To connect with God, to connect with others, to connect others with God.”

Malachi 4:6 (given on 3/10/15 ECB away day)

‘He will return the hearts of the parents to their children and the hearts of the children to their parents’

Prophetic word for Kingsmere.

“Turning to God will be seen in the restoration of family relationships”

Vision statement for Kingsmere.

Jesus came to establish the new family of God, a family of disciples who follow him with the entirety of their lives. Families are the foundation of our society and play a vital role in the community. As God’s family we strive to be a positive contributor to our community on Kingsmere. Through our small groups we look for opportunities to serve our community as family, ways to deepen our own faith and to sharing our faith story with those around us.

These groups are designed to bring the community on mission together and aid in the restoration of relationships, they are designed so that they multiply and on a yearly basis will review on the health of the group as we are accountable to each other for its health. We will do this by helping others through challenged growth in a supportive environment; these groups will foster the following key attributes:

Support: A nurturing environment where we help each other grow through prayer, reflection & question.

Love: We will share God’s love.

Listened to: We will listen to those in our groups and respect each other’s right to be heard.

Acceptance: Members will always be welcomed into groups-we will not discriminate.

Trust: We trust each other in our journey with God.

Forgiveness: We will forgive as is required and hope others forgive us of our mistakes.

Respect: Everyone will be treated with respected and valued and should respect and value each other.

Feeling Safe: All members should feel safe & supported, even when growing through challenge.

Respect: Everyone will be treated with respected and valued and should respect and value each other.

Fun: While growing each other in our faith, we hope to do this in a fun environment that’s relaxed yet meaningful and has purpose.


© 2019 Kingsmere  Community Ministry

Parish Office St Edburg's Church Old Place Yard Bicester 

OX26 6AU

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